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i hate the lion king by bluepawz i hate the lion king by bluepawz
not a very good stamp, but hey, im a beginner at this. and i NEED to voice my opinion.

there i said it, I HATE THE LION KING.
i see too many peole rave about how wonderful the movie is and all the time im hearing "OMG I LOVE THE LION KING, THE LION KING IS MY LIFE BLAHBLAHBLAH LIONKINGLIONKINGLIONKING!!!!!!!"
it's very annoying, it's just a movie people, and it is NOT the best movie in the entire world, same thing with balto. though i think it is 20 times better than the lion king, i DO NOT think it is the best movie.
and im sick of people talking about how they would die if TLK never existed, so what, if the movie was destroyed millions of people would commit suicide?...

and what really makes my blood boil is how im always seeing art of the hyenas being beaten savagely by those dumb lions. the only reason they even entered the pridelands was to find food that isn't rotting. would you want to feed rotten food to your cubs? i think not. plus, hyenas can't destroy a part of the lands, look on animal planet, do you see hyenas destroying any land?

and the pridelanders...WHAT A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES...excuse my language.

and don't bother leaving your "10 page long rant comment "about how im so wrong about it and how im stupid for hating this movie because you will be ignored and have your stupid comment deleted...besides there is no law about hating this movie.
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July 9, 2009
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